Saving America’s Surplus Children … Then and Now

New York City, 1872. Thousands of orphans throng the streets of a city wracked by crime, disease and economic chaos.

Visionary minister Charles Loring Brace has a solution both moral and practical:  send these “surplus children” to new homes in the West — rescuing lives and souls while providing cheap labor for the nation’s expanding frontier.

New York City, 2013.  The true story behind “saving America’s Surplus Children” is told in the musical Orphan Train …

*** Performed live Oct. 11-12, 2013 at Grand Central Terminal as part of GCT’s Centennial Celebration! ***

The all-star cast of veteran actors and up-and-coming youngsters includes Steven Blanchard (former star of Beauty and the Beast), tap dance virtuoso DeWitt Fleming Jr. (Riverdance, Cotton Club Parade), Katie Brady, Kayla Wickes, David Girard, John McGuire, Carol Smith, Jose Velasquez, Jason Pinter and more — plus Rosie O’Donnell’s Theatre Kids!

Orphan Train is a tale of young frontier heroes and heroines with the truest grit you’ve ever seen on a musical stage — the saga of six Iowa-bound orphans embarking upon the greatest adventure of their young lives.

Will they find comfort and caring families?

Or will they vanish in the vast prairie never to be heard from again?

Orphan Train is an amazing — and timely — American story captured onstage. Come on board and see how a nation was built, one family at a time.


** UPDATE, Oct. 5, 2013: 

ALL tickets to the ORPHAN TRAIN Oct. 11-12 shows at Grand Central Terminal have been SOLD OUT.

The response has been amazing, and we anticipate future productions in the New York City area.

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“Travelin’ Far” sung by Katie Tomlinson-Diamond

* All photos by Richard Finkelstein.